Biography – Andreas Polycarpou

Concha Holdings Ltd. is a Cyprus-based consulting company. Andreas Polycarpou is the founder and director of the leading consulting company. The corporation aims at providing cutting-edge accounting solutions coupled with the focus of serving as a board member with different organizations in the financial sector. Concha Holdings currently has a team of four employees.

Andreas Polycarpou has held several prominent positions in the past. Some of such posts were as the Head of Dealing and a director in Lionsman Capital Markets (Cyprus) Ltd. While starting the company, Andreas worked closely with different consultants and third-party establishments. Among several others, including legal practitioners, liquidity providers, auditors, banks, payment processors, and accountants.

Andreas Polycarpou also served as a member of the company’s Risk team where reports regarding profitability, liquidity, and other several risk documentations are prepared. This role also involves him to review all reports to be submitted to the appropriate quarters that direct the company. He also worked closely with the compliance and consultants on the preparation of ICCAP.

Education Background of Andreas Polycarpou

  • In 2016, he graduated from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, M.Sc. in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour
  • In 2014, he obtained a CySEC Advanced Certificate, public registry (No 2654)
  • In 2012, he graduated from Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, Certificate in International Investment Management
  • In 2011, he graduated from Cyprus International Institute of Management, M.sc in Finance and Banking
  • In 2008, he graduated from the Aegean University, Diploma in Financial and Management Engineering

Andreas Polycarpou is versed in knowledge, And his vast professional experience has made him one of the most-sought experts in his field. He possesses distinct problem-solving, pragmatic, and proactive qualities. His ability to respond promptly to challenges and work adequately under pressure make him an excellent team player on several boards he belongs. Over the years, he has proven himself dependable through different projects and people he has worked with.